My Life is My Life

We can rise above the pain and hurt
We can live victoriously and not defeated

Have you ever had a conversation with a child, and you say something that they think is so overwhelmingly profound? This was how the name of this blog was created, out of a conversation with my beautiful daughter, who has a powerful and remarkable story of rising about adverse situations of her own.

I must admit the love of my life and our children bring out the best and the Caribbean crazy in me. I often give a life lesson, quote or make a statement that gets their tummies hurting in resounding laughter. So, during this conversation, I was having with my daughter, we were having our usual daily talk on her way to class and my life came up as a topic of conversation; my style of clothing, our new home on the ranch, and how much she appreciates how her dad takes care of me. As always, I had a response, so without a beat, my response was, “my life is my life” This started a hilarious round of laughter between both of us. She then said, “Mom, you are golden, that one’s for the books, can I have it tattooed on my arm?” I said, “Girl bye!”

That morning’s conversation led me into a time of meditating on the fact that my life is truly my life, the good, the bad, the hurt, the pain and everything in between. It is most common to be asked to tell someone about yourself. More often than not, the individual only desires to hear about the good things, and we in return only care to mention and tell about the good things that have and are happening in our lives. So, let’s examine the meaning that is the statement, “my life is my life!”

If we are honest with ourselves, we want to keep the dark things of our lives hidden, pushed way deep in the cortex of our memory bank. We never find it good or necessary to embrace the messy part of our lives which is ultimately and can become a message of hope to some who are broken and need to know that they are not alone. As I look at my life, I see that God would not have allowed the mess I’ve been through if he didn’t plan to use it as part of my purposed-message. A message purpose to help, a message purpose that can be impactful in the lives of others.

Now that we’ve examined the meaning of this statement, let’s see what this statement can become. I see “my life’s, my life” as a movement to embrace, empower and engage every aspect of your life for “GOOD.” The good which is your life’s story which will become HIStory that He, the Almighty God uses to touch those lives that you meet at any given moment; may it be one, tens, hundreds or thousands. EMBRACE the life that you have been dealt/blessed with. Use your life’s experiences to EMPOWER and use the wisdom you have learned through these life’s circumstances to ENGAGE the next time someone asks you, “tell me about yourself”.

This month is domestic violence awareness month and so many are broken and hurt and are desperate for support. I count myself as a survivor, an advocate to lift and support. I’ve been beaten — I’ve been raped — I’ve been bruised — I’ve been broken! But with great adversity and a fight to better for me and my children I’ve taken back my life and have Embraced, Empowered and Engaged. Many times, although at times reluctantly, when I’m asked “tell me about yourself” I tell my story. Today, I count my life as that of a Phoenix, I was buried in the ashes of pain, hurt and rejection, yet I rise. Today you can rise, and you can rise stronger!

A tribute to those who are victims of domestic violence, there is a better life for you!
A tribute to those who were victims of domestic violence, keep pressing forward!
A tribute to those who we’ve lost at the hands of a domestic violence abuser. May you forever be remembered!


Let the movement begin!!