Board of Directors

Marlena Conner

Board Member
Mentor Liaison (school support)

Marlena Conner was born and raised in Houston, Texas. As a child, she moved many times but had some wonderful experiences. Marlena has three grown children and one grandson, these additions have taught her so much about herself and who she is.

At the age of twenty-nine Marlena received a bachelors in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University, with endorsements in special education, bilingual education and the newest one, in mathematics. She now teaches the 8th grade as Skyline Middle School. She enjoys living and working in the community and wants to see it grow and flourish.

Michelle Rutledge

Board Member
Community Outreach Coordinator

Michelle is passionate about helping people in all walks of life. She is especially focused on serving and reaching youth in the community. Michelle has had over fifteen years of experience organizing events, planning and executing fundraisers, and sharing her knowledge with others.

Michelle’s varied experience with multiple organizations provides her with the unique ability to empathize, adapt, and reach a diverse community. As an Army wife, she experienced many cultures. Michelle has a better understanding of various backgrounds, beliefs, cultures, and home situations. Michelle has experienced the deployment of her spouse and single parenthood. This enables her to have a better understanding of how to support single-parent families. Raising five of her own children, mostly as a single parent, gives Michelle the ability to connect and empathize with other single parents who face unique challenges in raising kids.

Michelle has led the Family Readiness Group for Army wives. Has taught Sunday School for Children. She served as the Director of Children’s programs at her church in Germany. Currently, she is serving on the Board of Directors for Front Royal Little League. Michelle has been responsible for organizing the fundraising events for FRLL for the 2019 season.

Teketia Smith

Board Member
Leadership Program Director

Teketia was born and raised in Keswick, VA right outside of Charlottesville. She graduated in 1993 from Albemarle High School and went on to attend George Mason University. She is a wife and mother of three.

She has spent the last 17 years in the school system working closely with students and parents. She has come to find that her greatest passion is being a friend and supporting all she comes in contact with.

Sina May

Board Member

Sina grew up on the outskirts of Front Royal and graduated from Warren County High School in 2004. After high school, she and her husband moved to the central coast of California where she attended college and earned her degree in Computer Science. They moved back to Virginia in 2013, where they now own a home and raise their two boys. She works full-time in web development and also uses her technology skills to support local businesses and non-profits through her small business.

As an alumni of the Warren County Public School system she’s devoted to supporting the school community around her in any way she can.