Service Programs

Linda Kroll Family Meal Program

Overview and Purpose

The Linda Kroll Family Meals Program is a transitional program from the Giving to Give Back Family Initiative that offered meal support to families during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Linda Kroll Family Meals Program is a supplemental meals program in partnership with our local schools and the community. The program will provide additional support to families who are currently eligible for the Backpack Meals Program. Families who participate in the backpack meal program will be offered the opportunity to receive meals twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursday, (dates are subject to change if necessary).
Reaching Out Now will partner with Warren County Public school system’s, Blue Ridge Technical Center’s Head Chef and Culinary Arts Teacher, Devin Smith. Chef Devin will head and facilitate the weekly meal preparation and engage the students enrolled in the Culinary Art II, C.T.E. program.

How does the program work?

  • Recipient families are those currently enrolled in the Backpack Meals program or recommended through the schools and Social Services
  • Families outside of the Backpack Meals Program, who are struggling financially and would like to receive support on a short-term basis, will be offered an application to receive assistance
  • Students and their families who are enrolled in the Girl of Destiny Leadership & LOTUS Boys Program are automatically eligible to receive meals as needed.
  • During the school year Meals will be prepared by students currently enrolled in culinary classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays, instructed by Chef Devin Smith.
  • Culinary Arts students will earn community service hours through the program, which can be used toward the hours needed to meet graduation requirements.
  • Meal support, as needed, will be provided over the summer and holiday months.
  • Reaching Out Now will work in partnership with community organizations and churches to secure funding through grants, donations, and volunteers.
  • Community volunteers, and teachers will deliver the meals or meals may be picked up by the families at the BRT Center by 4:00 p.m.
  • Students in the Leadership programs will also have an opportunity to participate through volunteering their time.

Holiday Cheer & Giving

Overview and Purpose

This holiday event will serve as an annual community service project where, together as a community, we experience the full spirit of the holidays. We want to provide an opportunity for everyone to feel the hope and joy that the holiday season brings. This event will occur each year in December and will be in the form of a Holiday Party or community supported drive-through event with food and activities for the attendees. At the event, we will also collect monetary donations, gift cards and individual gifts. These donations will be used to support families chosen by the schools.