Compassion and Support

Dedication and Service

Commitment and Community


Love and Faith




We come alongside underserved youth to support them in becoming individuals who contribute to their communities, lead successful lives, and achieve future aspirations.

Our Vision

Reaching Out Now comes alongside youth to become the best version of themselves with preparedness to face the world with hope, purpose, and optimism.

Each child will be a helpful and impactful part of their community as they achieve their hopes and dreams.

Our Tagline

Your True Potential within Reach

Who do we serve and why?

Our passion is to make an impact and support students and their families in the local and public-school community who are struggling with life challenges and those who are under-resourced. We will work in partnership with principals, counselors, teachers, and the community by implementing our mission and vision. This partnership will allow the organization to directly support students, & families who demonstrate the need for our resources and programs. Reaching Out Now, Inc. (R.O.N.) will implement programs that will serve students and participating schools throughout the school year. R.O.N. will provide supplemental academic enrichment and services to fill the educational gap and empower the next generation of students to achieve greater success.

  • The programs will serve students in 6th grade through enrollment in post-secondary education. 
  • We will support students to develop and grow as future leaders in their field of choice – be that as a domestic engineer or as President conducting business in the boardroom. We will motivate and help each participant pursue their God-given talents and abilities and understand success using the framework and curriculum established and created by Reaching Out Now, Inc..
  • We will collaborate with the community, churches, educators, business leaders, and public officials in an effort to  fulfill our mission and vision.
  • We will partner with other non-profit organizations to provide additional support to R.O.N’s students and families.
  • We will facilitate opportunities for the community to give back through monetary donations, internship opportunities, and volunteer support.