Future Programs

Reading is Fun Program
(C.A.R.E – Reading & Writing Counts)

Overview and Purpose
A program to encourage reading, writing, and collaboration among the student body. We CARE (Collaborative Academic Reading Excellence). In addition to supporting teachers and encourage independent readers, students will also develop confidence, set personal, educational goals and improve reading and writing performance skills. During the 2nd & 4th quarter of their academic year, students in our Reading is Fun Program, will participate in writing essays on books or creative projects recommended by their teachers

LOTUS – Boy’s Leadership Program
“Leading Others to Understand Success.”

Overview and Purpose
To strengthen and develop the foundational skills and knowledge necessary for real and lasting success.

“Prosperity stands on the foundation of character, and there is not, in all the wide universe, any other foundation.” — James Allen

Positive Psychology
This area of the program focuses on increasing the positive effect of students, building optimism and resiliency, and developing student’s strengths. In doing so, the program’s predicted outcome is to ultimately decrease negative behaviors while increasing positive responses.

College/Career Readiness
The area of the program focuses on exploring and planning life after high school. This includes

1. Short-term and long-term goal setting
2. Personal Statements
3. Resume Building.
4. Career Interest Surveys
5. College Application Action Plan
6. Interview Prep

Character Development
The area of the program focuses on 1. The Importance of Education 2. Showing Respect for Authority 3. Building a Positive Reputation 4. Developing Personal Values 5. Handling Peer Pressure 6. Managing Anger and Aggression 7. Employability and Work.

The Reliance House – Total Reliance on GOD

The future endeavor of Reaching Out Now, Inc. is to build or acquire a location for The Reliance House: A Success Center and housing facility for Young Girls, Women, and children who are battling with emotional and life challenges.

The Reliance House will be an environment where women will have the opportunity to move beyond their circumstance. A place of recovery, a place of restoration, a place to evolve to self-acceptance, self-awareness, a place to find your destiny.