Girl of Destiny Leadership Program (GODLP)


Overview and Purpose
Focusing on female students in the middle schools (6th–8th grades) and supporting them through post-secondary, empowering and guiding them to reach for success and rise up to life’s challenges. We will also seek to promote those under-served in the public school sector and community. RON will aspire to bring a fresh perspective on education, reduce the barriers to academic and personal achievement using the Framework of Curriculum, and be the bridge to empower them to become their best selves. Through volunteered time, professional women and men within and outside the community will share their experiences and engage in a direct conversation about issues facing teenagers today through bi-weekly workshops. The leadership program will help girls build leadership skills, including self-reflection, critical thinking, sound decision making, goal setting, clear communication, and personal accountability.

Empowerment Leadership CREED
Your True Potential within Reach

“I am beautiful, I understand that my beauty radiates from within and shines brighter on my outer beauty. I am my best self, I am capable, I have a God-given destiny, and I can accomplish any goals or tasks that are set before me. Nothing is impossible for me to accomplish, even the word itself says, “I’m possible.” I will make an IMPACT, I will rise above my circumstances. I am motivated to be better, do better, and to make a difference in my life and the life of those around me—bridging the gap that leads to my success.

I AM ENOUGH + Empowerment Dinner
(Part of the leadership program initiative)

Overview and Purpose: RON, with support from sponsors, will host this event, bringing together students, families, partners, public officials, business leaders, public school staff and women in and beyond our community to celebrate the students’ successes throughout the school year. Speakers will share their testimonies in support of the organization’s mission to bridge the gap that will lead to each students’ path to success. This gathering will fuel and ignite the God-given gift in each young girl we support. We will empower them to rise about their circumstance, encourage and assist them in reaching their full potential. This will serve as the end of the year award gala for the active members of the leadership program each year. Each year will have a different theme. Tickets will be sold for this event. Girls in the program and parents will not be charged to attend this function. Students will also receive certificates from the organization, county, and state. A gift will also be given to each student who completes the program cycle. Funds raised through this event will support students who will enter post-secondary education after graduating through scholarships.