Educational Outreach Initiative

The Educational Outreach Initiative has three proposed programs under its umbrella.

The Fall Community Day, the Educational Roundtable Program, and the Education Initiative Program. The focus of these programs is outlined in more detail below. These programs will allow the organization to be an additional service provider to the school community by helping and aiding projects throughout the school year in a continued effort to support the students we serve. For a student to be successful and reach their full potential, it is often necessary for the community to come alongside the school system and provide support to our public schools.

Community Day (Back to School Program)

Overview and Purpose
This program will fulfill the Community Development section from the curriculum for the Girl of Destiny Leadership Program. In preparation for the school year, the student will help in coordinating a community event. The event will be a fundraiser to support the Girls of Destiny Leadership Programs and also to support programs geared toward students’ leadership and empowerment their schools. The organization will additionally seek help from businesses through grants for assistance with school functions, aid for teachers to use in their classrooms, and scholarships in partnering the public schools. The organization will host an event with invitations sent out to the community.

This family event will showcase the fantastic talent in our school communities. The Battle of the Bands Concert will bring students in our area to compete for all for a worthy cause; to raise money to support classrooms, projects, field trips, and school programs while bringing the community together. Tickets will be sold, $5 for adults and $3 for children 13 and under.

Educational Roundtable Program

Overview and Purpose
An open-sit-down roundtable luncheon where the students who are a part of the Girl of Destiny Leadership Program will have the opportunity to engage in conversation with public-school administrators, school staff, teachers and community leaders on an array of specific topics. Students and public-school staff will have an opportunity to engage in conversation with local businesses and political leaders. School staff will also use this time to network, share, and trade ideas, strategies, and techniques that would be beneficial to them. This time together will be in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere for the students while teaching them the method of self-confidence, engaging, and public speaking. This also allows the group to develop a plan for expanding the partnership between local business and public schools.

Through a partnership with local businesses, the organization will present 3 teachers with a plaque and a gift card through the education initiative program.

Educational initiative program proposal:
(school support)

Establish the “Education Initiative Fund Award” — The award will be given to one school from each level: One to a high school, one to a middle school and possibly two to an elementary school. (Depending on funding)