Current Programs


Food Assistance Program
 Establish donation programs and incorporating a summer food drives annually through networking and partnering with local supermarkets. Food drives will be held before the beginning of the summer vacation in the community at places such as a local church, the fair grounds and a public school. We will target low income families by obtaining the free and reduced lunch statistics.

Schools & Supply Assistance Program
Establish a Back-to-School Community Bash where we will provide the necessary school supplies for low income families with children and public school teachers through partnering with department stores.  We will have the families sign-up for the necessary school supplies by registering with Reaching Out Now through the school system at the school the child or children are enrolled. Through the support of these businesses and the community these children in need will be provided with the tools to go back to school: backpacks filled with school supplies.

Reaching Out Now will work with the counselors and administrators in the middle and high schools monthly and offer hygiene bags to the students. These bags will include toiletries, deodorant and hygiene products.

Network & Mentoring Program
Establish an open sit down-round-table luncheon between teachers to engage in conversation on particular topics they face each day in their career and in the classroom.  In addition, the teachers will have the opportunity to listen to special guest speakers to educate and inform them on topics of interest. This time together will be in a relaxed atmosphere and will help teachers to learn new ideas, develop strategies and have a much greater opportunity to become more efficient and effective teachers to our children. We will have these sessions yearly.

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